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Research Publication

Amid the challenge of saving the planet, We are driving research publication online. With graduating students in colleges participating in publishing their research digitally. ScieSpace was born to protect the environment through digitizing research, from community building to Publication.

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Digital Indexing

Our next project was developed to protect publishers have access and legal work on their research activities. Computerized File Indexing (CFI) was born to independetly provide online archive of local publishers.

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Product Design

Defining the real project, Come behind the scene. It takes time to determine the value of a real product. We therefore collect useful data analyse them to select the best samples for our client.

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Chemical products

After carefully selecting best sample, We focus to designing best product regarding to our clients desire. We then create prototype for testing and trial to have users experience

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About Us


ZEOLF is dedicated to improve the health and quality of life for all. The primary mission is to:

Bring science and society together for better knowledge and fill in the gap between the advancement of knowledge and development of applications by sharing data and knowledge,

provide a platform that fosters teamwork and collaboration for future scientist, leaders that promotes innovative groundbreaking research nvestigation and increases the critical mass of researchers which empower scientists on ideas with transformative potential.


To build scientific community that combines all fields of science to advance and create novel approaches by fostering an environment of creativity, open sharing of data research and risk taking in Rwanda


Build an online scientific research community to share data and knowledge; improving synergy between researchers.

Improving the quality and relevance of research.

To become a reliable firm by individuals, governments and industries to designing better solutions in critical situation and collaborate with other establishments related to R&D.

Our Business Sector

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EduTech takes an advatange of old education system, in consistancy wth United Nation Sustainable Development Goals SDG4. Thus, we took this advantage to advance quality of education through digital research by elevating the potential of science and industry through digital transformation.

ScieSpace was built to create a community of researchers that may be a reliability of solving challenges in different sectors of the country and the continent. we believe a true scientific research can be a strong tool for Rwanda's and Africa devolpment

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Manufacturing Industries

Chemical development and Supply serve a potential opportunity to link research and manufacturing industries in Rwanda. We develop, mix or improve raw materials for industries that can be ready for use. We bring together researchers to deeply study manufacturing process of the industry as they commit to true innovation

Chemicals play a huge role in manufacturing process mostly in metal industry, food processing, Detergent, mining and so on. We serve veriety of markets to satisfy your needs.

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Start-ups hold the majority of economic growth in Rwanda. However, one measure issue start-up face is to bring ideas into real peoduct especially hardware based product. There's a huge gap in collecting necessary information needed to build a final product beneficial to the end user.

Our department of industrial design and simulation support start-up with idea construction from product design to prototypying. We include animation that simulate the functionality of your product to the real market.

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