Carbon Nanotube

Carbon nanotube commonly knonw as CNTs is carbon composition in nanomete diameter. They are couple of carbon available on the market such single wall and multiwall. They are applicable in different work aspect. due t high electrical conductivity can be used in batteries. From their chemical properties CNT can be applied in electronics, optics and Composite material

Where to use CNT?

CNT has variey uses in engineering life, Our main focus to Produce CNT help us and our client to print macroelectronic prototypes that can be used to designing a given electronic device, such sensors and so on.

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So far we are provide CNT powder for upto 60-40nm of diameter. We are planning to producing Carbon ink that will enable us print PCBs using our CNT

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Future Plan

By the end of 2020 ZEOLF will acquire carbon ink base printing device, which will help us improve our electronics protoyping service.

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Project Motive

The motivation behind our project is due to lack of key industries in Rwanda that can help engineers in electronic industries to find places where they can design and print PCBs. Our aim focused to create main component such as CNT that can be used to make ink for macroelectronic printer

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