UltraViolet Light

Some research has shown that using UVC between 200-500nm can slow the spread of the virus. In order for people to feel safe during the reopening and avoid the surge once again. We have designed a project that we feel can be used to Public gathering places including supermarets, public transportation as well as bus stops..

How does it work?

UVC has been discussed by various scientists across the world showing the potential to slow the spread of Covid-19. research have shown that between 200-500nm of UV light various dies hence slow the spreading process. After reviewing where to install the light we use different geometry calculation to find the number of lights needed a given building to be more and much safer. In this regard we use engineers to install lights in buses and so on.

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While they are no time to build necessary parts however, using 3D printer it helps us customize the key parts that fits the area of installation.

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Project Motive

UVC has been discussed by various scientists across the world showing the potential to slow the spread of Covid-19. research shows that places like banks, supermarket and indoor offices where air has little space to escape Covid-19 becomes airborn and this means a little moment of removing a facemask can lead to infection. Our motive is providing one of the solution that can help people feel safer so that they can face the reopening

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